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Keeping New Year's resolutions

A new year, a new me! Or so that's what everyone says. 

For as long as I can remember, as the hand struck 12 on New Years eve I would promise myself that this will be the year I achieve all of my goals and make my dreams come true (how cliché). Some of my recurring New Year's resolutions have been to transform my diet and eat only healthy things, exercise every single day, dedicate more time to hobbies, such as learning the arts of feng shui, mindfulness and living solely off the earth. Oh and of course become a multimillionaire, finding world peace or becoming Prime Minister. I think it's understandable to say that being told to 'think big' as a child has stuck with me through to adolescence.

Unfortunately the majority of my previous resolutions have been highly unrealistic. However this year I decided to bump that trend and go with something new. It was ever so simple...Set no resolutions. Ok, I guess we all saw that one coming and it isn't exactly groundbreaking science, but for some reason this has been so liberating.

With the end of January just over a week away, I can safely say that, for the first time, I haven't broken any of my New Year's resolutions. Go me! 

I foresee that this year will be one of many more discoveries; whether they are not so shocking, such as making no New Year's resolutions or finding out more of what this world has to offer, you can follow my journey here on Just Hannah's World. I'm sure there will be lots of ups and downs, including many embarrassing moments but hopefully we can get through them together.

Hannah x

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